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Long Covid Families is a disabled-led non profit. We are committed to providing information, support, and resources to the patient and caregiver community. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Support Our Cause

Long Covid Families is the only Long COVID advocacy group in the U.S. that centers children living with Long COVID. We are disabled led and run – our work is grounded in the ideal of patient led, patient heard, patient believed. “Nothing about us without us” is a call to action for advocates, decision makers, and the medical community.

The work:

  • Connecting patients to the information they need to understand how their bodies work with Long COVID via our website, social media comms, media appearances, and virtual conferences and Q&A’s.
  • Removing medical gatekeeping of information. We connect the patient community with vital medical and health knowledge, giving them agency and shifting the power dynamic to the patient. Access to information should not be at the discretion of a doctor or the medical establishment.
  • Focus on the unique ways children communicate their symptoms, giving caregivers tools to identify patterns and signs earlier.
  • Ongoing education about Long Covid and associated syndromes – we work hard to stay up to date on the latest research and treatments.
  • Education on symptom management, enabled by our experiences as patients, caregivers, and our deep connections to the infection associated chronic illness communities
  • Guides on patient advocacy in schools, in the workplace, and within the healthcare system
  • Comprehensive and ongoing database of research on Long Covid and associated syndromes
  • The latest from the NIH Pediatric RECOVER Study and the Yale LISTEN Study
  • Tips for navigating everyday life
  • Insights on the specific personal, social, and societal challenges associated with infection-triggered chronic illness,

Your contributions support the essential tools necessary to collaborate with partner organizations, create content, and maintain our website.


Long Covid Families, Inc. is classified as a public charity under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Effective December 8, 2021, contributions made to Long Covid Families, Inc are deductible under section 170 of the Code. Please contact your tax preparer for information regarding your specific tax situation. The IRS determination letter can be located on their website.