How We Help

Our mission is to help the Long Covid community discover practical ways to enjoy life while impacted by chronic illness.

We offer guidance to the Long Covid community on how to improve and maintain quality of life while seeking therapies, treatments, accommodations, and support in the healthcare system, schools, workplace, and in the community.

Reconnect to yourself

We help people stay connected to their body by promoting self awareness, pacing, and offering workshops.

Reconnect to your family
Family can have many meanings. Our support group offers safe space, acceptance and belonging. We also focus on the unique experience of caregiving while sick or caring for a loved one who is sick.

Reconnect to your community & to the world

We offer support for getting accommodations at work and school, as well as guidance on how to apply for long term disability and social security disability. 


Lastly, we share our knowledge and experience to affect change.
We meet with researchers and government officials and collaborate with the triggered illness community to advocate for our community.

Illness is a disrupter to the entire family and can cause a feeling of isolation and disconnection. We help caregivers, children, and individuals who have been impacted by long-term complications from COVID-19 infection:

Reconnect to themselves.
Reconnect to their families.
Reconnect to the community.

Our Story

Long Covid Families was founded by Megan Carmilani, who developed post-viral syndromes (POTS, MCAS, and ME/CFS) after two separate Mononucleosis diagnosis’ as a child.

When the pandemic hit, Megan began to be approached by friends and parents who were seeing the same symptoms and diagnosis that Megan had received. She decided to create Long Covid Families as the community that she needed as a child.


Fall 2021 
– Created Facebook Support Group
– Launched small, information based website (you are here!)
– Filed 501(c)(3) for Nonprofit status

Winter 2021 – 2022

– Long Covid Families, Inc. granted 501c3 Nonprofit status on December 8, 2021!
– Formed Board of Directors
– Expanded social channels
– Collected survey data from 34 pediatric caregivers to inform awareness efforts and help drive Long Covid identification in kids
– Collaborated with Senator Kane’s office to draft the CARE for Long Covid Act
– Megan Carmilani, LCF Founder & President, speaks at World Health Organization event

Spring 2022

– Grew community reach of 4000+
– Grew to a Board of 5 members & 10 Volunteers
– Erica Hayes, LCF Board Member, speaks at MEAction #MillionsMissing event
– Megan Carmilani, LCF Founder & President, speaks on Long Covid in Kids for Global Interdependence Center & Solve Long Covid Initiative event.

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