Long Covid and Kids

June 7, 2022
Our Founder, Megan Carmilani, speaks on the unique features of post-viral illness in pediatric populations. Event hosted by the Global Interdependence Center, in partnership with the Solve Long Covid Initiative.

Millions Missing 2022 Speakers

MEAction #MillionsMissing

May 12, 2022
Erica Hayes, Long Covid Families Board Member, discusses her story and common barriers to care for those with Long Covid & ME at MEAction’s 2022 #MillionsMissing event.

WHO PAHO Long Covid Rehab Webinar

February 17, 2022
Long Covid Families Founder & President, Megan Carmilani, speaking at at The WHO’s webinar on Rehabilitation Perspectives on Post COVID-19 condition in the Americas.

Advocate at a school board meeting

School Board Meeting

Fall 2021
Long Covid Families advocate speaks out at local school board meeting about ventilation and masking prevent Covid and Long Covid.

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