Managing Long Covid Symptoms

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Lifestyle Modification & Medications

Living with a Post-Covid condition is hard, especially when there are no immediate answers or solutions.

There is no cure fore Long Covid. Post-Covid conditions may be treated with modifications to lifestyle and / or medications. There is no medication or modification that will work for all patients or cure all symptoms. But there are various treatments that may enhance you or your loved ones quality of life.

People with Long Covid often have a wide range of fluctuating symptoms.

Your doctor may decide to work on improving your most severe symptoms first. Though the process can be slow, many patients make changes one at a time in an effort to try to identify which treatments help the most. Work with your healthcare provider to determine what approach is best for you.

Energy Management

“Fatigue” is the most common symptom reported by Long Haulers with Post-Exertional Malaise experienced by about ~90%.

Allergy & Inflammation

Allergy & inflammation can be to blame for rashes, hives, stomach upset, and body pain for those with Long Covid.

Orthostatic Intolerance

There are ways to manage dizziness, lightheadedness, orthostatic intolerance, often associated with diagnosis such as POTS, other forms of Dysautonomia, and ME/CFS.

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