It is important to talk to your doctor to rule out other potentially serious complications. Here you will find Long Covid and PASC information.

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Preparing for Appointments

Long Covid can cause symptoms that are system wide, and often we have to build and communicate with a multidisciplinary team of doctors who may or may not be in the same system. We have collected tips to help you prepare for your appointment with symptom tracking, CDC print-outs, and AAP print-outs.

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Symptom & Activity Journal

Keeping track of symptoms, their severity, and activities can help you identify trends in you or your loved one’s health. Patients have reported that this greatly helps facilitate conversations with their doctor.

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Information for Doctors

Doctors are increasingly pressed for time. We want to help with resources to quickly recognize, appropriately treat, and avoid harmful suggestions for those with Long Covid. We have put together a page with both CDC & Patient guidance for Healthcare Professionals.

Information for Physical Therapists

It is a critical time for Physical Therapists to brush-up on recommendations for Long Covid Care in order to avoid harm, and help patients improve their quality of life.

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Find a Doctor

THE LONG COVID ALLIANCE has put together a spreadsheet of recommended doctors who have been helpful for treating Long Covid and associated conditions in adults.

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Find a Doctor

Long Covid Families has asked caregivers to share any doctors who have been helpful for treating Long Covid symptoms in with their child. Additionally, we have a list of Long Covid Clinics currently taking pediatric cases.

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