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Post-Covid conditions can develop in anyone.

Many of us lived healthy, active lives before becoming ill. Long Haulers are in the millions. We are mothers, fathers, kids, neighbors, students, nurses, teachers, pastors, doctors, brothers, uncles, care-takers.

These are our stories. Share yours.

Sammy’s Story
The phone rings. It is 10am and the middle school is calling for us to come pick up our son Sammy. My husband and I exchange glances. "He is only making it for an hour." After a year …
POV: The Benevolent Violence of an Unmasked Hospital
The lack of masks in hospitals means seeking vital care comes with unnecessary risks. This is what the collective abandonment of disabled people looks like.
Kaitlyn’s Story
Kaitlyn has always been a dedicated student, making high honor roll & always giving 110%. She has been dancing since the age of 3, and began competitively dancing at the age of 9. Her favorite style of dance …
Anthony’s Story
A few months in when we realized that he has not played with his toys in a long time we took him to his pediatrician. They ran some blood work, and some of values were high, and some …
Jenna’s Story
We thought we made it through the worst of it, but about 3 weeks after we were sick, Jenna started to tell us that she didn’t feel well. She said it felt like her body was too tired …

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