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August 22nd – August 26th

This school year brings additional challenges with more students returning to school with a chronic health condition as a result of a COVID-19 infection, all against the backdrop of the BA.5 COVID-19 surge that will result in more cases of kids with Long COVID.

To help schools and parents navigate these challenges, Long Covid Families is hosting a Back-to-School Virtual Conference to educate and provide resources on prevention and how to navigate the complexities of Long COVID in kids.

The series will feature subject matter experts to discuss ways that families and educational professionals can: 

  • Identify children who are struggling to recover after a COVID-19 infection
  • Identify appropriate accommodations to help these children succeed
  • Slow the spread of COVID in schools
  • What to do if your child gets sick
  • How to advocate for public health and safety in the community

Subject Matter Experts

Sessions will be held with healthcare professionals, scientists, child therapists & psychologists, researchers, patients, and advocates.


DAY 1: Monday, August 22nd
What is Long Covid?
– What does the Research Tell Us
– Symptom Tracking
– Impact on Learning
– Observation of ME/CFS Day

DAY 2: Tuesday, August 23rd
Navigating Illness

– We’ve caught COVID, now what?
– How to support your Long Hauler
– Lifestyle Modifications
– Accommodations at School (students & teachers)

DAY 3: Thursday, August 25th
– Reinfection – What does the research say?
– All things ventilation
– The making of a corsi box
– Why Mask-up?

DAY 4: Friday, August 26th
Advocacy & Public Health in Schools
– What’s public health got to go with it?
– Adultism & it’s influence on Public Health
– Advocacy for Equity
– The Power to Affect Change


Registration for this event is via Zoom only. There will be no live streaming of this event to other platforms. One ticket grants users access to ALL sessions throughout the week


The audience will not be recorded during this event. Presentation recordings (speakers only) will be sent to those who register upon the conferences completion. Some presentations will be followed by a live Q&A session, which will NOT be recorded.

About Long Covid Families

Long Covid Families is a patient-led 501c3 nonprofit, focused on support for those impacted by Long Covid and triggered illness. They offer guidance on how to improve and maintain quality of life while seeking therapies, treatments, accommodations, and support in the healthcare system, schools, workplace, and in the community.

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What is Long Covid?

Long Covid is defined as ongoing, newly acquired health problems experienced after having COVID-19. Some people recover, while others experience chronic illness.

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Long Hauler Stories

Read first hand experiences from those impacted by Long Covid and Post Covid Conditions.

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Daily Living

Long Covid Families is dedicated to helping caregivers, children, and individuals find practical ways to improve their quality of life despite the impact of chronic illness.

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