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The Long Covid Families Back to School Virtual Conference was held August 22-26th. Patients, caregivers, educators and healthcare providers from around the world attended four days of groundbreaking and informative presentations. View recordings of each session below:

Day One: What is Long Covid?
00:00 Introduction
04:25 What is Long COVID? What the Research Tells Us with Liza Fisher
17:54 Post Infectious Illnesses with Jaime Seltzer
48:04 Long COVID Research with Dr. Harlan Krumholz 1:O2:16 Impact of Long COVID on Learning with Dr. Melissa Ramirez
1:29:50 Excerpt from the Global Interdependence Alliance with Megan Carmilani: Personal Account of Childhood Mis-diagnoses
1:40:35 Tracking Long COVID Symptoms with Gretchen Kelly

Day Two: Navigating Illness.

00:40 COVID Infection Plan

16:49 How to do a rapid antigen test on a child

26:41 Tips for daily living for kids with Long COVID

40:15 Supporting kids’ mental health with Sarah Darsey Myers, LISW- CP

01:18:35 Workplace accommodations for teachers and staff with Long COVID with Andrew Wylam

01:35:38 School accommodations for students with Long COVID

Day Three: All About Prevention.
00:58 COVID reinfections with Dr. Megan Fitzgerald of Patient Led Research Collaborative
23:00 Ventilation in schools for COVID safety with Industrial Hygienist Fran Gilmore 01:03:15 How to fit a pediatric mask with Danielle Peterson of Project N95
01:17:22 How to build a Corsi-Rosenthal box
01:21:41 Mask Together Americ

Day Four: Where Do We Go From Here?

00:53 What is the role of Public Health? with Dr. Jeoffrey Gordon

15:31 Adultism with Dr. Sarah Steinbacher

42:50 COVID equity in schools with Kristin Urquiza of Marked by COVID

01:01:32 the NIH RECOVER Pediatric Long COVID study with Dr. Rachel Gross

Additional Resources:

NIH Pediatric RECOVER Study: https://studies.recovercovid.org/

Pediatric and Adult Pacing Guides: https://www.meaction.net/resource/pacing-and-management-guide/
Long Covid and ME: https://www.meaction.net/long-covid-me-understanding-the-connection/

Yale LISTEN Study: https://medicine.yale.edu/ycci/listen-study/
Project N95: https://www.projectn95.org/

Marked by COVID: https://www.markedbycovid.com/

Ugency of Equity Toolkit for Schools: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/e/2PACX-1vR_YvwG3GO7LoKYFaWDVpyiEwCgQPOkwrBHGxpOjlSyW4vp4qk-aeN_W7R9T5sPhnN99NwnMlKZm4Sd/pub?start=false&loop=true&delayms=60000&slide=id.g1501dd08c86_0_603

Ventilation in Schools: https://peoplescdc.org/2022/09/23/ventilation-for-coronavirus-in-schools/

Covid Legal Assistance, Disability Benefits: https://peoplescdc.org/2022/09/23/ventilation-for-coronavirus-in-schools/

Depression in Adolescents: https://kuclinic.ku.edu/sites/kuclinic.ku.edu/files/files/Depression_2%5B1%5D%20copy.pdf

Childhood Depression: What Parents Need to Know: https://kidshealth.org/en/parents/understanding-depression.html

Stages of Social/Emotional Development: https://childdevelopmentinfo.com/child-development/erickson/

What is Long Covid?

Long Covid is defined as ongoing, newly acquired health problems experienced after having COVID-19. Some people recover, while others experience chronic illness.

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Read first hand experiences from those impacted by Long Covid and Post Covid Conditions.

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