“Long Covid” describes post-infectious illness that can develop after having COVID-19.

Long Covid

Get the basics on Long Covid / Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS CoV-2 infection (PASC) – the latest research, and stories from those impacted.

What is Long Covid?
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It’s important to work with your doctor to rule out other potentially serious complications, and find a doctor who has experience treating Post-Covid conditions.

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Daily Living

We are dedicated to helping you find ways to not only manage symptoms of post-covid conditions, but find ways to enjoy life.

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The Latest Research

New research on Long Covid and Post-Covid conditions are published at a rapid pace. Long Covid Families collects the latest research & resources for our community and is constantly updating our collection.

If you have information that may be helpful for our community, please contact us.


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Advocacy & Public Health

Liza Fisher featured in The Washington Post

We are passionate about sharing our experience & knowledge to affect change.

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Image of Long Covid Families Board Member, Liza Fisher featured in The Washington Post.
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Our Mission

We help the Long Covid community discover practical ways to enjoy life while impacted by chronic illness.

Illness is a disrupter to the entire family and can cause a feeling of isolation and disconnection. We help caregivers, children, and individuals who have been impacted by long-term complications from COVID-19 infection – reconnect to their own bodies, their families, and to the community.
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Support Long Covid Families Work

Long Covid Families is a patient led, nonprofit organization. Donations are tax deducible and every little bit helps us pay for the essential tools we use for advocacy & awareness.

Our website, email, and creation / collaboration tools are just a few of the our monthly expenses.

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“Connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued–when they can give and receive without judgment.”
– Dr. Brene Brown

Who We Are

We are a community of families affected by post-infectious diseases.

Long Covid Families was founded in 2021 by Megan Carmilani, who developed post-viral syndromes (POTS, MCAS, and ME/CFS) after two separate Mononucleosis diagnoses as a child. When the pandemic hit, Megan was approached by friends who were experiencing symptoms that Megan had for years. She decided to create Long Covid Families – the community that she needed as a child.


How We Can Help

• Peer support and a community built around shared experience.
• Guidance on accommodations available at schools and in the workplace.
• Resources for caregivers, individuals, and doctors.
• Somatic practices and art workshops to address the trauma of illness and remain connected with our bodies and to our spirit.
• Caregiver/child workshops to foster a connection within families.

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Long Covid Families is happy to support the community in any way we can. Join our Facebook Support Group, follow us on social media, or contact us, anytime.


Donations are tax deducible and every little bit helps us pay for the essential tools we use for advocacy & awareness. Donate to Long Covid Families.