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Nat’s Story

Nat is a bright, high achieving artist. Loves to draw and an honor student in spite of her disability. She’s a unique and old soul. Our journey started Christmas, December 2021. We had avoided known infection until the school break when she became sick. She wasn’t hospitalized but was seriously ill for 2 weeks. She […]

Bella’s Story

Bella is 20 yo, an artist and hopes to major in Anthropology. She has had to defer college until her health stabilizes. She is unable to attend at this time due to severe fatigue and dysautonomia that gives her air hunger and neuropathy. She was diagnosed with chronic Lyme when she was 14 yo and […]

Vanessa’s Story

Vanessa got COVID two years ago and struggled with pulmonary, cardiac, and neurological issues in the months following her infection. Although some of these issues have resolved, Vanessa still struggles with extreme fatigue and brain fog that we fear is due to brain damage. Vanessa and many other long COVID children struggle with fatigue and […]

Sammy’s Story

The phone rings. It is 10am and the middle school is calling for us to come pick up our son Sammy. My husband and I exchange glances. “He is only making it for an hour.” After a year and a half, long COVID is still sapping the energy of our child and turning the school […]