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Pediatric Long Covid: Caregiver Survey June 2022

Our Pediatric Caregiver survey is intended to collect community information from caregivers of kids under age 18, who have Long Covid, in the United States.

Pediatric Long Covid: Caregiver Survey December 2021

Demographics In December 2021 we polled caregivers of kids, under 18, with Long Covid. Thirty-four (34) families participated with the following demographics. 64.7% stated to have official Long Covid diagnosis from their doctors.

Post Covid Conditions

Post-viral illness is not new National Institute of Health “We also got worried very early on that one of the long term consequences of this terrible epidemic that there could be a large number of people who develop ME/CFS after covid. And that’s what’s happening now. And unfortunately we still don’t know enough to prevent […]

Approaching your doctor

What to do if you think that you or a loved one has Long Covid Common first complaints  Check out the page “What is Long Covid?” • Severe exhaustion• Headaches• Shortness of breath • Feeling lightheaded or dizzy • Heart palpitations • Body pain• Body tingling (pins and needles) • Wheezing • Rashes • Hives […]