Author: Long Covid Families

Post Covid Conditions

Post-viral illness is not new National Institute of Health “We also got worried very early on that one of the long term consequences of this terrible epidemic that there could be a large number of people who develop ME/CFS after covid. And that’s what’s happening now. And unfortunately we still don’t know enough to prevent […]

Approaching your doctor

What to do if you think that you or a loved one has Long Covid Common first complaints  Check out the page “What is Long Covid?” • Severe exhaustion• Headaches• Shortness of breath • Feeling lightheaded or dizzy • Heart palpitations • Body pain• Body tingling (pins and needles) • Wheezing • Rashes • Hives […]

Impact on Schools

For Educators:How is Long Covid impacting schools and what can we expect in the future? 1. Recognition of Long CovidThere are children who are struggling with disabling symptoms that can be difficult to describe including difficulty with cognitive function. 2. Future resources required by the schoolsWith 10-15% of children developing Long Covid symptoms post Covid-19 infection – […]

Tell Us Your Story

Long Covid Families is collecting and amplifying the voices of Long Haulers. Our team has put a lot of thought into how we would like to tell patient stories. We believe it’s important for the public to understand the seriousness of the illness, that we do need support, but our population does not see itself […]