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POV: The Benevolent Violence of an Unmasked Hospital

The lack of masks in hospitals means seeking vital care comes with unnecessary risks. This is what the collective abandonment of disabled people looks like.

Happy Birthday ADA!

Today is the 32nd birthday of the American’s with Disabilities Act, and we are starting to quantify the effects of COVID-19, and post-viral illness on the American working class.


#PandemicAbleism is ableism amplified. It’s going from a whisper to a scream. It’s staring you straight in the face as it minimizes your existence.

Insisting that vulnerable people can just “stay home” is #PandemicAbleism.

The Price of Reinfection

My son started sneezing, coughing, and had a runny nose, again…

I kept my kids home for the 2020-2021 school year with the uncertainty of COVID. My motto has always been better safe than sorry and we have family who are considered very high risk.

But despite our restricted contact with the outside world, our family got COVID in the Fall of 2020. And before I even knew that Long Covid was an alternative to recovery, I was experiencing bizarre symptoms that made me scared that something was very very wrong with my heart.

After many doctors, specialists, and testing, I was diagnosed as a Covid Long Hauler. 

The Lie in Returning to Normal

Privilege as Policy Hurts Everyone Remember when we were doing “we’re in this together” sidewalk chalk and cheering for healthcare workers every evening? I think I had this hope that we really were “in this together.” I had this desperate optimism that this would be a turning point, that finally people would understand a little […]

Impact on Schools

For Educators:How is Long Covid impacting schools and what can we expect in the future? 1. Recognition of Long CovidThere are children who are struggling with disabling symptoms that can be difficult to describe including difficulty with cognitive function. 2. Future resources required by the schoolsWith 10-15% of children developing Long Covid symptoms post Covid-19 infection – […]