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Who We Are

Long Covid Families is a patient-led 501c3 nonprofit, that focuses on support for those impacted by Long Covid and triggered illness. Illness is a disrupter to the entire family and can cause a feeling of isolation and disconnection. We work to help those affected reconnect to themselves, their families, and the community.

What We Do

We offer guidance on how to improve and maintain quality of life while seeking therapies, treatments, accommodations, and support in the healthcare system, schools, workplace, and in the community.

We participate in Long Covid research, speak to the media, speak at conferences, host events, and we advocate both in communities and on a national scale. We offer support through our private group and awareness through various social media channels.

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Our Story

Long Covid Families was founded by Megan Carmilani, who developed post-viral syndromes (POTS, MCAS, and ME/CFS) after two separate Mononucleosis diagnosis’ as a child. When the pandemic hit, Megan began to be approached by friends and parents who were seeing the same symptoms and diagnosis that Megan had received. She decided to create Long Covid Families as the community that she needed as a child.

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