Long Covid Awareness Day, Shining a light on kids with Long Covid

Long Covid Families is committed to centering kids in Long Covid advocacy and research, and this International Long Covid Awareness Day is no different. Read on to see how you can participate in this historic event.

An estimated 5.8 million kids in the United States are impacted by Long Covid. Current pediatric estimates of Long Covid are up to 20%. Researchers have stated emphatically that this is a “significant community impact.” Research is confirming what families in our community have known – that Long Covid affects children’s health, education, activities, and social development.

Join us!

We invite children and young people up to 25 years old to express how they are finding hope and resilience in the face of Long Covid by creating art for our online Art Gallery.

Why hope and resilience?

Resilience is often thought of as bouncing back, returning to form. But the truth is resilience is complicated. It changes depending on the circumstances. Some days we feel resilient, others days our reserves are depleted. Resilience is not being “positive” in the face of challenges, it is each individual listening to the needs of their body and mind. Sometimes, resilience is simply surviving.

The role of nature in hope

Nature is living proof of resilience. The trees, rivers, fungi, and animals that surround us experience rebirth, adapt to changes in their environment, and give back to the earth that sustains them. As witnesses to the resilience of nature, we can find inspiration, see how we can adapt, what rebirth can look like for us. For this art project we are using nature as inspiration and a touchstone.

How to participate

Original Art

Use any materials you like to create an original piece of art. Sketch, color, paint, sculpt, create a collage, to create art that expresses the thoughts and feelings you get from nature, or captures some of the hope and resilience you feel.


Write down your thoughts and feelings about what you want others to understand about Long Covid, or compose your own written expression of how you think nature gives you resilience and hope.

Coloring Pages

Choose from our library of nature themed coloring pages (at the bottom of this page), or use one you find online. Use any media (crayons, pencils, pens, watercolor, etc) to customize the picture you’ve chosen – that is, make it your own.

Take a photo of your art, try to avoid shadows and glare. Then fill out the submission form (below) and upload the photo of your art by clicking the “Choose Files” button, then click “Submit.”

To use printables:
Desktop directions: right click on an image, choose “save as.”

Mobile directions: tap on image, select the download icon that appears above the image.

Raise Long Covid Awareness with our social media profile pics and headers

Download these images and use them as your social media profile pic for the month of March, or download the frame and use Canva or other photo editing software to edit into an overlay of your current profile pic.